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*FREE* The Magic of Coffee - Knowing More about Co

Dueep J Singh,John Davidson,Mendon Cottage Books,: The Magic of Coffee - Knowing More about Coffee

The Magic of Coffee - Knowing More about Coffee


The Magic of Coffee - Knowing More about Coffee Table of Contents Introduction Planting Coffee Trees Fruit Separation of the Exocarp and Misocarp Hulling Flavor of the Coffee Growing Coffea Arabica Temperature Shade Water Soil Soil erosion Necessary Nutrients for Coffee Growth Enemies of Coffee Growing of Coffee Trees Rooting Planting Harvesting Making Coffee - one Traditional Way Precautions Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Once upon a time, thousands of years ago an Ethiopian shepherd possibly in the Kaffa region of the southwestern part of Africa found all his sheep dining of the succulent fruit off a bush. The only problem with that was that the moment they had eaten those berries, they started to grow more frisky. So he decided to experiment a little. There was this old ewe, almost on her last legs. So he fed her some of those brown berries, and then spend the whole day, trying to capture her. He sat down on a rock and began to think. If this is the effect that these beans had on an old ewe, could it have a similar rejuvenating effect upon his own father? So he collected some of the berries, and asked his woman to brew them in water. This brew was then given to his old ailing father. And then the whole village spent the whole day trying to capture the father, who was under the influence of a caffeine high. Naturally, the father came down with a bump after the high was over and was sick for the next week. However, the Ethiopians found that this berry been drunk in moderate quantities was enough to rejuvenate them and give them a kick. And so kafe from the Kaffa region or the beans of Coffea arabica, which was first indigenous but then was slowly and steadily spread all over the world became one of the most popular brews drunk by mankind after water and tea.

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Author: Dueep J Singh,John Davidson,Mendon Cottage Books,
Number of Pages: 48 pages
Published Date: 28 Dec 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781505815382
Download Link: Click Here

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