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Self-Care Healthcare Guide - Book of Cures downloa

Terry Cooksey,: Self-Care Healthcare Guide - Book of Cures

Self-Care Healthcare Guide - Book of Cures


A Revolutionary book for improving your health and curing and preventing many chronic diseases and conditions that doctors have no cures for. Doing what this book says will cure and prevent at least 80% of all disease. There is no other book available that gives you the information that is in this book. Are these miracle cures ? They only seem like miracle cures because of your unhealthy diet & the saturation of poisons in your food, drinks and water supplies and your personal hygiene items ! Self-Care HealthCare Guide is A Health and Food Guide to Cure and Prevent Most Diseases and Medical Conditions. Self -Care HealthCare Guide includes cures for arthritis, bleeding gums, gout, dandruff, headaches and even diseases like cancer, breast cancer and bladder stones. This book empowers you with the knowledge to save your own life and cure yourself of any and all disease. And for the rare few who do not, the least you will do is significantly improve your health. This book is not from some author who picked this book to be his next subject to write a book about ! No, this book was written by a man who had to learn these things he shares in this book just to save his own life ! After doctors diagnosed him with chronic kidney disease, he was told he would be on dialysis or dead by 2008 or 2009. And without any help for his kidneys from the medical profession, he used himself as the guinea pig to see if he could make his kidneys better and thus, save his own life. This book tells you how he succeeded at that ! Doctors have no cures. Doctors only treat your diseases to prolong them to maximize their income. Doctors do not study cures. So cures can only be found outside the medical profession. Since all disease is caused by poisons(except for the 20% caused by viruses and germs) avoiding poisons is the key to preventing and curing almost all diseases. Get rid of the cause of the diseases and you get rid of the diseases. This is why all those with chronic diseases should get serious about avoiding and eliminating poisons in our food, drinks and water supplies. And that's what this book teaches you how to do ! Doing what this book says can cure you of any and all diseases that you have; and do so within a matter of months; with improvement coming within just a few weeks. The more things in this book that you do for yourself, the faster the results. When you get the book, know that Chapter 3 means get both a water and shower filter. Then use Chapters 4 & 5 in guiding you in eliminating poisons from your food and drinks. Chapter 6 gives the details of what the author went through with doctors as he was "dying." Chapter 9 gives you specific things to speed your healing for specific diseases and Chapter 10 gives additional information on the things used in those cures; and includes The Perfect Diet ! Get started today with Self-Care HealthCare Guide - The book that brings you real Health Care reform.....a Revolutionary Health Care Guide to save you from doctors' sick care system. Table of Contents ------------ 1 - Introduction Why this book was written 2 - You can afford the cures, not the treatments 3 - Poisons in your water 4 - Poisons in your drinks 5 - Poisons in Your Food 6 - How to Avoid dialysis and cure chronic kidney disease My Personal Perspective 7 - Helping your Dogs and other Pets 8 - How to Have an Organic Garden 9 - Cures and Preventions: Specific Instructions 10 - Vitamins, Herbs & Healing Foods: What Are They Used For ? The Perfect Diet........ 11 - The Modern Medical Profession and Health Care System 12 - My Doctors Dr Henry Allen & Dr David Moskowitz The Resume of Dr. David Moskowitz 13 - My Final Words DISCLAIMER Alphabetical Index

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Author: Terry Cooksey,
Number of Pages: 158 pages
Published Date: 29 May 2011
Publisher: American Publishing Us
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781939147004
Download Link: Click Here

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