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The Program : The Brain-Smart Approach to the Heal

Kelly Traver,Betty Kelly Sargent,: The Program : The Brain-Smart Approach to the Healthiest You: The Life-Changing 12-Week Method

The Program : The Brain-Smart Approach to the Healthiest You: The Life-Changing 12-Week Method


WHY IS THE PROGRAM DIFFERENT FROM EVERY OTHER HEALTH, DIET, AND FITNESS METHOD? BECAUSE IT WORKS. Dr. Kelly Traver understands that the human brain resists change. Only when we learn the secrets of how to get our brain to work for us, not against us, can we make healthy, permanent lifestyle changes. She teaches us what those secrets are and shows us how to use them in this mind-expanding and waistline-shrinking system for getting into shape and staying that way. By combining cutting-edge discoveries in neuroscience with the latest information in medicine, nutrition, and fitness, Dr. Traver developed The Program and initially tested it on her patients, who ranged in age from 20 to 81. Her results were astounding. Among those who were overweight, the average weight loss was 19 pounds. Among those who were diabetic, 80 percent achieved a reduction in their blood sugars. Among those with high blood pressure, 87 percent returned their blood pressure to normal. Some 80 percent of the smokers success-fully kicked the habit. In the course of twelve short weeks, readers can achieve similar success by following Dr. Traver's simple, straightforward instructions for working with the stubbornly change-resistant brain so that it not only accepts new, healthy lifestyle habits but actually embraces them. Google, Target, and Stanford University have already adopted Dr. Traver's system to achieve better health for their employees. You are in the driver's seat of your health. By personalizing The Program's powerful tools you can learn to change your body and your life, simply by understanding and working with your brain."

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Author: Kelly Traver,Betty Kelly Sargent,
Number of Pages: 448 pages
Published Date: 01 Feb 2010
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781439109984
Download Link: Click Here

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